We will air your music video on MTV for $120

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We will air your music video on MTV

We have been working with Viacom and their production leads for over 3 years now and have established a very good relationship with them.

The Process:
What we do is send your video off to Viacom, who then contact the production team over at MTV/VH1/BET JAMS, and within 24 hours, as this is an express gig, we will receive a time slot and date for your airing directly from Viacom Media Networks. Your video must meet the guidelines mentioned in the gig description to qualify for a placement. Your video will air within a 1 hour time slot (during commercial break) given by Viacom which will be stated on the confirmation along with the date of airing. Your music video will not be advertised as a advertisement as it will be played throughout the full length of it’s duration and credited at the start by the chosen network. As for proof, just in case you miss the broadcast, we provide a live recording from one of our team members of your video being broadcasted as well as a digital copy provided by Viacom. You will also receive a cue sheet detailing the placement of your broadcast a week after the airing which is also provided to us by Viacom.

We will need the RAW file of the video in order to see if the files specifications are in order. If you don’t know how to change or cannot correct the specs yourself, we charge $20 via the gig extra to correct them for you.

We have a direct communication with Viacoms production leads, which currently offer us rotation too, for all the 3 networks we offer. If you would like a rotation quote please contact us.

In the past we’ve had one success story come out of purchasing multiple plays which then led eventually to MTV and BET playing his music video without the use of our service. A lot of clients tend to purchase a 3 play rotation which offers a good amount of exposure. The artist that used to use our services and gained SoundCloud fame as well as going onto signing a Warner deal was an RnB artist by the name of TyUS.

We currently offer USA and UK cable TV distribution.

Your music video is always GUARANTEED airtime on all platforms, as long as they follow within the guidelines shown below:

  • Compression Type: H.264
  • File Format: .mov or .mp4
  • Dimensions: 1920x1080 (preferred) or 1280x720
  • Frame Rate: Native (No less than 23.98)
  • Bit Rate: Minimum 7500 kb/s. Unrestricted is OK but we recommend that you restrict your video bitrate to no more than 10mb/s.
  • File must be de-Interlaced (Please, No Interlacing)
  • Multi-pass encoding is preferred, Single-pass encoding isn’t
  • Please export all encodes using Compressor or Quicktime.
  • Do not use frame re-ordering in your encoding settings
  • Do not include front or end slates (displaying metadata), title or end cards, bars and tones, etc.
  • Audio
  • Format: AAC
  • Channels: Stereo (L R)
  • Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz
  • Bit Rate: 320 kbps CBR

    All videos delivered must be clean, evergreen and a premium music video experience. Content must be able to serve an On Demand & Lean Back (linear) audience which does not conflict with video advertisers. If your video gets rejected, we will refund you ASAP in full.


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