• Add one track to our Apple Music playlist for 21 days
  • Add one track to our Apple Music playlist for 21 days
  • Add one track to our Apple Music playlist for 21 days
Apple Music for Artists is finally available and you can track how your tracks are doing in terms of daily plays and location.

This means we can safely create playlisting services without having to doubt if we will see results or not.

What to expect:
- 3 weeks of streaming 24/7
- A minimum of 20 plays daily on a 60min playlist per 24/7 listener (140 weekly plays per user)
- A minimum of 50 plays daily on a 30min playlist per 24/7 listener (350 weekly plays per user)
- $7 per 1,100 streams
- guaranteed profit or get back what you paid for in royalties.
- Customer service with responses in less than 24 hours
- Awesome extras to benefit from
- Awesome discounts and coupon codes for other services

Keep in mind:
- The playlists will be active 24/7
- All extras apply to ONE track unless otherwise stated
- Adding to favorite IS NOT organic
- Your track must be under $2 to be purchased.
- Your album must be under $10 to be purchased.
- The playlists will never be longer than 1 play every 60mins
- We suggest to also give the playlist a listen or to contribute to the plays yourself for best results
- This will increase popularity of your track
- The playlists will be shared on music sites and forums if your content is high quality
- Please send tracks over 90 seconds long
- If you're not signed up on Apple Music for Artists, we are not responsible for your plays not showing up on your distributor past delivery (usually takes 2-3 months for distributors)
- You're responsible to check if any day is missing plays. We will deliver order once added, not after any time period.
- Remember you're paying to be on a playlist, we just do the extra by delivering the streams alongside big names to get some relation between tracks and some of your money back.

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  • pstreamteam
    pstreamteam 20 days ago

    Great work, thank you!

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      Excellent experience!

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      Very good buyer, completed the service fast and with beneficial results for both.

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    leemannbassey 2 months ago

    Phenomenal Job! I highly recommend this seller :-D

    • itsabc

      Awesome experience with this buyer! Expecting another round of orders!

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