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This is meant to be a drip feed service and can take up to 10 days, nice and steady streams-4-u!
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This is a unique listing, only exclusive to Seoclerk family! I currently sell millions of streams to Spanish music companies and solely independent artist for the cheapest rate worldwide!

How does it work? You'll buy this service. Give me your playlist link and I'll send 30k plays to that playlist.
ex1: If you have 20 songs on that playlist, each song will get ~1.5k plays.
ex2: If you have 10 songs on that playlist, each song will get ~3k plays.
ex3: If you have 5 songs on that playlist, each song will get ~6k plays.

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  • uknowy
    uknowy 7 hours ago

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    • Streams4U

      thanks for buyng!

  • aliciagr
    aliciagr 11 days ago

    let me tell you are the best ever,Thanks for the great work!

    • Streams4U

      Thanks for buying

  • shch
    shch 11 days ago

    Great Service you want to buy this service to be successful!

    • Streams4U

      Thank you !

  • 2DanceRecords
    2DanceRecords 18 days ago

    Great ! Goof Job

    • Streams4U

      Thnaks for buying !

  • aliciagr
    aliciagr 24 days ago

    Thanks, excellent work. the best ever o SEO!!!!! I SO HAPPY TO WORK WITH YOU ALWAY..... big boss you

    • Streams4U

      Kind words!

  • candymanempire
    candymanempire 25 days ago

    amazing work, let keep working together
    I need to talk you

    • Streams4U

      Amazing buyer!

  • fstrnation
    fstrnation 28 days ago

    Thank you great job plus gave me extra highly recommended, Thanks again

    • Streams4U

      Cool buyer, would love to work with again!

  • aliciagr
    aliciagr 1 month ago

    Apprecaites the work you do alway the dam best i see i got some big stuff with you very soon

    • Streams4U

      Hello, I'm having a mega sale on view for the next 24 hours, I'd recommend taking a look at some of the crazy deals I'm offering

  • aliciagr
    aliciagr 1 month ago

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  • aliciagr
    aliciagr 2 months ago

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    • Streams4U

      If you ever need anything else, let me know! I can always do millions of streams, and I give followers as well

Buyers Comments

  • lauramoss

    Are there 120k Real Spot.... Playlist Plays or 30k Real Spo... Playlist Plays ?
    all the best

    26 days ago
  • lauramoss

    Hi there! Can you split 100.000 plays on 4 different songs on my profile? (not a playlist). If yes I will order and provide you the 4 links. Looking forward to hear from you. Best

    23 days ago
  • Streams4U

    Sorry for late reply, just saw this! I can split for you, not a playlist !

    18 days ago
  • TryAMillion

    What is the difference between the dripfeed extra and without it? On 1 million, it says views, is that a mistake or is it just views instead of plays the 1 mill extra?

    7 days ago
  • itsabc

    Just to confirm, only for playlist or I can choose one song?
    Also, if I did send a playlist, could I decide how many plays are directed to which specific song?
    (example: playlist with 10 songs and I say x-track should get 79k and the other 21k on the other 9 tracks)

    5 days ago
  • 0000Deus

    Hey! Is it possible to split the plays on different playlists?

    3 days ago
  • javygr

    Hey guy! I could be interested in that service but, Can I split this 100k plays between 2 playlists??


    1 day ago
  • Streams4U

    sure, lets stick to 8 songs max bud!

    1 day ago
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