We Can MASTER Your Song to Most Professional Quality for $20

We Can MASTER Your Song (to Most Professional Quality)

Farid Audee is an EDM/Pop/Hip Hop producer and mixer. We can work closely with you to master your songs to take it to the next level of professionality. We polish, fix levels and EQ, enhance sound quality, stereo sound and more.
We do not accept any songs. We will first take a listen to the music, and if it is mixed properly, we can then do our part and take it to the next level.

Mastering is essential for anyone that makes music. Mastering finalizes and retouches every aspect of audio post-production. (If you do not know what mastering is, please do research and then come back for service)

What this service is:
1. We review your song(s) and determine if they are ready to be mastered.
2. We use tools and plugins that professionals use.
3. We make your songs louder and reach loudness.
4. We make sure your songs are not clipping.
5. We polish your songs.
6. We fix EQ and imaging.
7. We make your songs stereo sound friendly.
8. We make your songs sonically enjoyable on ANY monitors, headphones or speakers (not just your headphones)
9. We work with any genre of music.
10. We just make your music sound even better!

What this service is not:
1. We do not mix your music for you.
2. We do not record or add any instrument, midi or vocal.
3. We do not publish your music on iTunes, or any streaming service.
4. We do not promote your music anywhere.
5. We do not collaborate.
6. We do not send you the complete file every time we make the changes you ask for. (We send you the full file once you are satisfied and are ready to finalize the gig)

We understand throwing $30 at strangers is not necessarily ideal. That is why we have a very strong refund policy. If you purchase this gig and we believe your song is not yet ready to be mastered, we will issue a full refund. If your song is ready for mastering process and you are not happy with the sound we offer, we will issue a full refund as well. We will only finalize the gig once you are happy with the sound and send you the full WAV file.

*We strongly advise you to write a truthful review once we are done with the service!
*You need to purchase gig to send any song(s) for mastering process
*You need to purchase this gig to determine if your song is even ready for mastering process.
*We do NOT accept MP3's (AIFF, WAV, FLAC, AAC are good)
*We will let you know if your song does not necessarily need mastering (or OUR help) if we believe the song is already complete. We will issue a full refund as well.

Please contact us for ANY questions you have.
Only contact us for business inquiries.



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Fast mastering (2 day delivery) 0 days $10
Shoutout on Twitter (Your music) 0 days $4
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