professionally master your song in one day for $14

professionally master your song in one day

File Preparation
• WAV/AIFF files are best, high quality MP3's are acceptable
• Don't max out the volume before sending your song
All styles are welcome!
• For mixing, please only send raw stems/tracks, no session or project files
• Large files can be sent to me by uploading them to a file sharing site (dropbox, wetransfer, zippyshare, etc.) and then pasting the download link in the order area.

Professional Mastering
• Corrective/Balancing/Mastering EQ
• Multi-Band Compression
• Hiss Removal (if needed)
• Harmonic Saturation Processing
• Stereo Imaging
• Clarity & Punch boost that may be missing from your flat mixes
No "presets" applied, every song is processed based on its needs
Free Professional Dithering if you submit 24bit or higher quality files
• Competitive volume maximization

Quick Delivery!
Your song will be returned in 24 hours or less in CD quality WAV format or 320kbps MP3 format (your choice) at no extra charge!

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Music Audio Mastering Production Song
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Professionally master your album of up to 14 songs 4 days $100
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