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Professional audio mastering

Audio Mastering is an audio processing made to the Studio Mix that allows some final refinement to the audio contents, before industry replication and distribution (CD, Vinyl, Digital Distribution, Cinema/TV/Broadcast). During mix sessions you have to profit from the whole studio quality, even though this "big sound" is not entirely reproduced on consumer or hi-end audio players.
The final listener expects a "Cd-like sound" from any audio production... and you can reach this peculiarity only after a professional MASTERING.

The values we add to our masterings are quality, precision and coherence with the musical target market.
We can follow any producer's requirement. Our experience and results are our main references.

Don't underestimate the creative character of the mastering engineer, who is able to save poor-sounding songs from oblivion, especially when they are pre-restored.

A state-of-the-art Mastering respects the Cd/DVD commercial publishing time and ensures total compatibility with every consumer audio and audio/video players worldwide.


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